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Some attention matters when using cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2017-09-29 Views : 872

1. Requirements for air quality

Use clean, dry compressed air. Air may not contain synthetic solvents, oils, salts, corrosive gases, etc., in order to prevent the cylinder and valve action is not good. Before installation, the connecting pipe should be fully blown, not dust, chip, sealing tape debris and other impurities into the Standard Cylinder, valve. 

2. Requirements for the use environment

In the dust, water droplets, oil drops place, rod side should have telescopic protective sleeve, when installation, do not appear twist and twist state. Should not use telescopic protective cover occasions, should use a strong dust ring cylinder or waterproof cylinder.  

The environmental temperature and dielectric temperature of the cylinder shall be over freezing or heat resistant if the magnetic switch is in excess of -10-60without a magnetic switch. If it exceeds -10-70, the anti freezing or heat resistance measures shall be adopted.   

Standard cylinders shall not be used in corrosive mist or in a fog that causes expansion of the sealing ring.  

3. The cylinder lubrication

For oil lubricated cylinders, a flow appropriate sprayer shall be fitted.  

Do not give oil lubrication cylinder, because the cylinder is added with grease, can be used for a long time. This cylinder can also be used, but once it is given to the oil, it must not be stopped. Since the pre lubrication grease may have been flushed off, no oil will cause the cylinder to behave poorly.  

4. The cylinder load

The piston rod usually can only carry axial load, and the lateral load and eccentric load on the piston rod should be avoided. When there is a transverse load, the piston rod shall be provided with a guiding device, and a guide rod, a cylinder, etc. can be used.  

When the cylinder is loaded, the installation platform of the cylinder shall be provided with measures to prevent loosening and deformation.