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What are the rodless cylinders of German brands?

Author : TAIXI Date : 2017-09-27 Views : 1170

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder is one of the most high-precision mechanical cylinders used in automation equipment, and the rodless cylinder produced in Germany is the best recognized in the pneumatic industry. So what are the German brands of rodless cylinders?

Rodless cylinder German brand has three kinds: namely the German FESTO rodless cylinder, Germany MEDAN, Germany ORIGA rodless cylinder rodless cylinder; the three cylinder rodless cylinder brand is currently the industry's leader, first we first understand the development history and characteristics of the rodless cylinder under the brand of the brand.

German FESTO: production of woodworking machinery is started from 1925 to 1955, the group began to Forster and relates to the field of pneumatic, now has the world's 30 10000 FESTO industrial solutions, FESTO rodless cylinder group is only a small part in the pneumatic industry products, it adopts the PU sealant connecting the internal metal strip, is at present the equipment industry with more of a;

Germany MEDAN: Germany MEDAN is a large professional R & D 1990 established manufacturing rodless cylinder manufacturer, is Germany's three largest brand, the only professional only a German brand rodless cylinder, MEDAN{mayten} professional R & D and manufacturing of rodless cylinder with up to 30 years old, is the largest the use of machinery and equipment manufacturers, the most extensive amount of rodless cylinder, MEDAN rodless cylinder incorporates both inside and outside the metal sealing type steel strip;

German ORIGA: according to the concept of smell cylinder without rod was first proposed by ORIGA, is a large pneumatic industry manufacturers, ORIGA rodless cylinder is the same as in the design method which is completely MEDAN and rodless cylinder rodless cylinder is one of the well-known German brand.