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Description of the installation and use of Compact Pneumatic Cylinder in the printing industry

Printing machinery is developing further towards high speed, high efficiency and high quality. Large, multicolor, multi-functional, automation, linkage and serialization of aircraft and models are also increasing. Compact Pneumatic Cylinder is particularly important in modern printing machinery industry. Cylinder installation: according to the installation form of the parts of the Compact Pneumatic Cylinder, it can be divided into detachable and fixed cylinders. According to the form of cylinder installation, it can be divided into four types: fixed type, swing type, embedded type and rotary cylinder. (1) before cylinder installation, it should be tested under no load test and under 1.5 times the highest working pressure. After normal operation and no leakage phenomenon, it can be used. (2) before the Compact Pneumatic Cylinder is connected to the pipeline, the spoils in the pipeline must be clear to prevent debris from entering the cylinder. (3) when the load changes in the stroke, the cylinder with sufficient output force should be used and additional cushioning device should be added. (4) the buffer cylinder is screwed at the smaller position of the throttle two before starting the operation, and then gradually opens up until the buffer effect is satisfied. (5) do not use full stroke, especially when the piston rod is extended, use the piston rod to collide with the cylinder head. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the load concentration of the piston rod and the external joint. The form of cylinder installation should be determined according to the location and purpose of the installation. In general, a fixed cylinder is used. The rotary cylinder should be selected when the working mechanism is continuously rotatory (such as lathes, grinders, etc.). Special cylinders should be selected when there are special requirements.
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