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Design and wide application of thin cylinder

The thin cylinder occupies less space, has light structure, beautiful appearance, can bear large lateral load, and can be directly installed on various fixtures and special equipment without installing accessories. The function of thin air cylinder actuator: the pressure energy of compressed air is converted into mechanical energy, and the driving mechanism makes linear reciprocating, swinging and rotating motion. The structure of thin air cylinder actuator is composed of cylinder, end cover, piston, piston rod and seal. Nowadays, more and more automation equipments have been studied and widely used, such as hydraulic press, engraving machine, automatic door control, automatic drilling machine, etc. Thin cylinder is a common and commonly used cylinder, its main advantage is compact structure, which is the main reason why it is widely favored. Thin cylinder is called because of its structure, the air cylinder actuator and the back cover, piston and piston rod are used riveting structure, making the china air cylinder actuator compact and reliable; piston seal using a special two-way sealing structure, making the cylinder compact size and oil storage function. This compact structure effectively saves installation space, so many mechanical equipment have been used, such as: punch feeder, gear assembly machine, punching manipulator, automatic tapping machine and the aforementioned automatic drilling machine, which shows that thin china air cylinder actuator in the automatic machinery components play a vital role. The inner diameter of thin cylinder barrel is hardened for wear resistance and durability, and the magnetic induction switch groove is arranged around the cylinder body, so it is convenient to install the induction switch, and there are many types of cylinders to choose from. The main features of thin china air cylinder actuator are: (1) Cushion structure: because of the small bore and stroke, the impact force is small, and cushion structure is adopted. (...
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