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Principle and characteristics of rodless cylinder

The working principle of rodless cylinder is the same as that of ordinary cylinder, except that both sides of cylinder are hollow with different external connections and sealing forms. The permanent magnet inside the piston rod drives another magnet outside the piston rod (moving parts). What I want to say is that it requires high cleanliness. The rodless cylinder of our company's magnetic couple often needs to be removed for gasoline cleaning, which may be related to its working environment. There is a piston in the OSP Rodless Cylinder, but there is no piston rod. The piston device is in the guide rail, and the external load is connected to the piston, which acts by intake. The motion of magnetic couple is realized by using the permanent magnet inside the hollow piston rod to drive another magnet outside the piston rod. Because of its fast speed and easy to separate the inner and outer magnetic rings when the load is high, it is less used now. Its load quality needs to find the characteristic curve of its mass and speed. Now the mechanical type is used more. The patent seal structure design of OSP Rodless Cylinder, which integrates the advantages of cylinder and pneumatic system, is a perfect structure with high efficiency, high quality, long service life, low operation cost and reliable guarantee. The rodless cylinder uses air-driven hydraulic oil to complete the implementation as power, with maximum energy saving up to 90% compared to the components of pneumatic or hydraulic stamping equipment. Without affecting their working process, no noise, can greatly improve the quality of the workpiece and die life. The rodless air cylinder actuator is divided into magnetic couple rodless cylinder and mechanical contact rodless cylinder. The rodless cylinder refers to the cylinder which uses piston directly or in a way to connect the machinery executed by the outside world and make it follow the piston to achieve reciprocating motion. The greatest advantage of this ki...
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