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Electrical Linear Actuator0

Electrical Linear Actuator

TAIXI is a professional Electrical Linear Actuator manufacturer with more than 10 years of production experience. The Electrical Linear Actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of motor into linear motion – that is push and pull movements. Electrical Linear Actuator divided into 750-type (Maximum thrust 750N, metal gear), 2000-type (Maximum push force 2000N, metal gear), 6000-type (recommended maximum thrust 4000N, plastic gear). Each push when the rod is at different speeds, the corresponding thrust will change, and the parameters (voltage, speed, thrust, stroke) needed to be determined before purchase. And four parameters after production are not adjustable.
The Electrical Linear Actuator can be integrated into precise control systems, which can provide precise position feedback and precise control for the Electrical Linear Actuator.