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There are many kinds of cylinders, how to choose the type to meet their own supporting design requirements has become the most difficult problem for many customers. The following three elements are selected for pneumatic light cylinder, bearing in mind the three points, the general selection will not be much worse. 1. Selection of Types According to the working requirements and conditions, the type of air cylinder actuator should be selected correctly. The cushion cylinder should be chosen for the cylinder to reach the end of stroke without impact phenomenon and impact noise; the light cylinder should be chosen for the light weight; the thin cylinder should be selected for the short stroke and the narrow installation space; the cylinder with guide rod can be selected for the transverse load; the locking cylinder should be selected for the high braking accuracy; the cylinder with rod non-rotation function should be selected for the piston rod not to rotate; and the cylinder with rod non-rotation function should be selected for the high temperature environment. Use heat-resistant cylinder; in corrosive environment, it is necessary to choose corrosion-resistant cylinder. In the harsh environment such as dust, it is necessary to install a dust cover at the extended end of the piston rod. When no pollution is required, oil-free or oil-free lubrication cylinders should be selected. 2. The magnitude of action force That is the choice of cylinder diameter. The output thrust and pull force of the air cylinder actuator are determined according to the magnitude of the load force. Generally, according to the theory of external load, the cylinder force required for balancing conditions is selected according to different speeds, so that the output force of the China air cylinder actuator has a little margin. The cylinder diameter is too small, the output force is not enough, but the cylinder diameter is too large, which makes the equipment heavy, increases the cost, increases ...
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