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Advantage of rodless cylinder and layout of engine cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-12-24 Views : 101

For cylinder, a website product and key words, first of all, to put forward some specific questions, is for: What is cylinder? What role does it play? In reciprocating engines, what are the cylinder layout forms? And what other difficult problems about air cylinder actuator need to be solved? Now that the question has been put forward, let's explain and answer it right now. In this way, we can also get some harvest and inspiration from it.

1. What is air cylinder actuator? What role does it play? And, in reciprocating engine, what are the cylinder layout forms?
Cylinder, specifically speaking, is a kind of metal parts which can carry out linear reciprocating motion. In appearance, it is generally cylindrical. Its function is to convert thermal energy into mechanical energy through expansion, or to increase pressure, etc. In general, there are four types of cylinders in reciprocating engines, i. e. in-line, V-type, W-type and horizontally opposite.

2. In industrial automation equipment, how to choose the type of air cylinder actuator?
Cylinders are used in industrial automation equipment, and there are many types of cylinders, so it involves selection. Therefore, in the choice, mainly depends on the specific occasions and use requirements. If it is a general situation, the use of fixed cylinders; if it is necessary to follow the working mechanism for continuous rotation, then the use of rotary cylinders. In addition, special cylinders are used if special requirements exist.

3. The OSP Rodless Cylinder in the cylinder, is it advantageous?
In the cylinder, for the rodless cylinder, if from a professional point of view, then there are some unique advantages, in some ways. Literally, it does not need leverage to drive, so it can save installation space. However, in the use process, we need to note that this kind of cylinder in the sealing performance, should be guaranteed, so that it will not affect the normal use of rodless cylinders.

How to improve the speed of rodless cylinder?

Pneumatic actuator is an energy conversion device, which converts the pressure energy of compressed air into mechanical energy, and drives the mechanism to realize linear reciprocating motion, swing, rotating motion or impact action. Pneumatic actuators are divided into cylinder and pneumatic motor. JB cylinder is used to provide linear reciprocating motion or swing, output force and linear speed or swing angular displacement. Air motors are used to provide continuous rotary motion, output torque and speed. Pneumatic control elements are used to regulate the pressure, flow rate and direction of compressed air, so as to ensure the normal operation of the executing mechanism in accordance with the prescribed procedures. Pneumatic control elements can be divided into pressure control valve, flow control valve and direction control valve according to their functions.

The OSP Rodless Cylinder refers to the cylinder which connects the external actuator directly or indirectly by the piston and makes it follow the piston to achieve reciprocating motion. The biggest advantage of this kind of cylinder is to save installation space, which is divided into magnetic couple rodless cylinder (magnetic cylinder) and mechanical rodless cylinder.

How to improve the speed of OSP Rodless Cylinder?

There are five points to improve the speed of rodless cylinder:
1. Adding lubricant to the rodless cylinder to reduce friction and select the rodless cylinder with low friction.
2. Choose a larger type of solenoid valve to increase the flow of solenoid valve.
3. Select high-speed solenoid valve to shorten the response time of electrification and power-off of solenoid valve.
4. Remove the throttle valve, and do not choose the vertical joint of L type as far as possible.
5. Make the distribution of pipelines as short as possible.