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What are the installation and use methods of rodless cylinders?

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-12-21 Views : 77

What are the general methods of installation and use of rodless cylinders?

OSP Rodless Cylinder must be properly handled before use. First, we need to check whether the cylinder is damaged and whether the bolt connection is loosened, which greatly reduces the installation trouble. In the process of installation, the piston rod of the cylinder can not bear the external force, nor can it deviate in direction. It must be consistent with the axis direction of the piston. Buffer belt is a commonly used auxiliary device in rotary cylinder. It should be used before working. Adjust the adjusting belt to a smaller position of resistance. After the cylinder is put into normal operation, the cushioning resistance will be increased until it is adjusted to the appropriate position.

Installation forms are various, but no matter what kind of installation methods, it is necessary to ensure that the OSP Rodless Cylinder does not deform. The deformed cylinder is unusable. The connection can not be welded, which can not guarantee the long-term use of the cylinder block. In the process of installing angle cylinder horizontally, we should pay attention to the horizontal angle and choose the angle which is more conducive to inspection and maintenance. The front, middle and rear parts of the piston rod should be balanced.

Before the use of OSP Rodless Cylinder, an important link is to adjust, the first job is to adjust the speed, speed control valve, can not float too large, to take the form of fine-tuning. At the beginning, the control valve is not easy to open too large, so there must be a buffer process, so that the inertia energy of the piston can be fully absorbed. After the cylinder is installed, it will be put into normal work. Cylinder work is mainly a process of pressure into power. Within the operating pressure range, it is necessary to try 2 to 3 times without pressure to ensure that the cylinder can work normally and exert pressure.

What is the structure of the pneumatic device of the air cylinder actuator and its operating speed?

What is the structure and running speed of the pneumatic device of the air cylinder actuator ? I believe that people who are not in this industry should not be very familiar with it. Here's a summary for you.

First, the structure of air cylinder actuator is very simple and portable, and the equipment is very simple in the process of installation and maintenance. During the operation of the equipment, the main medium is air, which is not easy to burn and safe to use.

2. Cylinders work mainly through the expansion of gas and the force produced by pressure in the process of using. Cylinders effectively convert the elasticity of compressed air into kinetic energy in the process of operation. The power element in the equipment is a power transmission form.

3. Cylinder's running speed is generally less than 1M/S, which is faster than that of electric and hydraulic modes. The equipment has very reliable usability in the use process, and its service life is longer in the use process.

When the cylinder runs, its working medium is inexhaustible air, the air itself is not expensive, the equipment in the process of exhaust treatment is very simple and does not pollute the environment, the cost is relatively low, the output force and working speed of the equipment can be adjusted.

4. The number of effective actions of the cylinder can reach one million times. The life of the solenoid valve is more than 30 million times. Some valves with better quality are more than 200 million times. In the process of using the equipment, the air compression and energy storage can be effectively utilized to realize the centralized gas supply.

Fifth, the cylinder can release energy in a short time in the process of using, so that the equipment can effectively obtain the high-speed response in intermittent motion, which can effectively achieve its buffer, so that the equipment has a strong adaptability to impact load and overload.