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How to control cylinder speed

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-11-08 Views : 44

How to control the speed of the cylinder? Generally speaking, the shorter the stroke of the cylinder, the faster the frequency of the cylinder movement and the faster the speed. So how can we control the speed in the operation of the air cylinder actuator?

First of all, it is necessary to determine what causes the speed of the china air cylinder actuator to be affected, and what factors are related to the speed of the cylinder, which makes the speed slow and unstable:
1. The main air cylinder actuator is the seal ring aging, lack of oil, deformation, or foreign matter stuck, causing greater resistance.
2. May be slow electromagnetic valve, is also caused by less oil and foreign matter.
3. It may be whether the pipeline is pressed or damaged.
4. It may be the internal and external cavity of the cylinder that leads to insufficient output.

The speed control method of Cylinder:
1. The speed of the air cylinder actuator can be achieved by adjusting the flow rate of the intake, for example: regulating valve, throttle valve, etc.
2. If different speeds are needed, multiple gas paths can be used.
3. The combined output of multiple gas path control can achieve various cylinder speeds.
4. Timing program controller can be used as cylinder control. It is easy to realize the control of multiple cylinders and the combination control of different air paths to realize the speed control of china air cylinder actuator.

What is the single acting cylinder? What is the difference between double acting cylinders?

First of all, what is a single acting cylinder?
The single acting cylinder has only one cavity to input compressed air to achieve a directional movement. Its piston rod can only be pushed back by external force, usually by means of spring force, diaphragm tension, gravity and so on.
The unique advantage of single acting cylinder is that the return speed of cylinder spring is stable and is not affected by air pressure changes. Single action has a single function than double action. For example, double-acting can be three-way five-way middle seal, medium pressure, etc. to achieve safety functions, but single-acting connection can not achieve this function.

When is the right time to choose a single acting cylinder? When is the right time to choose double acting gas?
The stroke of single-acting cylinder and double-acting cylinder are the same, mainly according to the specific user requirements to choose. Single-acting cylinder is generally used in the case of power cut and gas cut, the valve requires opening or closing. Single action price is more expensive than double action. Specific or according to the user's choice.

What is the difference between a single acting cylinder and a double acting cylinder?
The switching action of the double-acting china air cylinder actuator is driven by the air source; the air is opened, the air is closed and the air is cut off to keep in position; the single-acting switching action is only driven by the air source, while the switching action is reset by the spring; the single-acting action is divided into normal open and normal closed modes. Normally open type: ventilation, cut off the gas; normally closed: ventilation, gas cut off.