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What is the function of compact cylinder? What are the characteristics of compact cylinder?

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-11-03 Views : 73

Nowadays, more and more automation equipments have been studied and widely used, such as hydraulic press, engraving machine, automatic gate control, automatic drilling machine and so on. Among them, the role of thin air cylinder actuator is indispensable. Thin cylinder is a relatively common and commonly used cylinder. Its most important advantage is its compact structure, which is also the main reason for its popularity.

The inner diameter of thin cylinder barrel is hardened and durable; the groove of magnetic induction switch is installed around the cylinder block, which makes it convenient to install induction switch; the cylinder of multiple motion, single motion push-out, single motion press-in, double axis move-in, double axis move-in stroke adjustable and other types of specifications can be selected.

Of course, the reason why FESTO ADVU Cylinder is called ultra-thin cylinder is that its structure, cylinder body and back cover, piston and piston rod are riveted structure, making the cylinder compact and reliable as a whole; piston seal uses special-shaped two-way sealing structure, making the cylinder size compact and oil storage function. This compact structure effectively saves installation space, so many mechanical equipment have been used, such as punch feeder, gear assembly machine, punch manipulator, automatic tapping machine and the automatic drilling machine mentioned above. It can be seen that FESTO ADVU Cylinder plays an important role in the components of automatic machinery. Use.

Thin air cylinder actuator is characterized by short axial dimension, short stroke, compact shape and large output force, so it is suitable for narrow space occasions and widely used in manipulators and various clamping devices.

The FESTO ADVU Cylinder is a cylindrical metal part which guides the piston to move straight and reciprocally. Thin cylinder occupies less space, has lightweight structure, beautiful appearance, and can bear large lateral load. It can be directly installed on various fixtures and special equipment without installing accessories. Function of thin cylinder: The pressure energy of compressed air is converted into mechanical energy, and the driving mechanism is in linear reciprocating motion, swinging motion and rotating motion. The structure of thin cylinder is composed of cylinder, end cover, piston, piston rod and seal. The thin cylinder has the advantages of compact structure, light weight and small occupancy space.

Cylinder installation

(1) Before the installation of the air cylinder actuator, the cylinder shall undergo no-load test operation and pressure test at 1.5 times the maximum working pressure, and be put into use after normal operation and without air leakage.
(2) Before the cylinder is connected to the pipeline, it is necessary to clear the spoils in the pipeline and prevent debris from entering the cylinder.
(3) When the load changes during the journey, the cylinder with abundant output force should be used with additional buffer device.
(4) Before starting the operation of the cushion cylinder, the cushion throttle valve should be screwed in two smaller positions, and then gradually opened until it has been adjusted to a satisfactory cushioning effect.
(5) Do not use full stroke, especially when the piston rod is extended, use the piston rod to collide with the cylinder head. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the load concentration of the piston rod and the external joint. The form of cylinder installation should be determined according to the location and purpose of the installation. In general, fixed cylinders are used. The rotary cylinder should be selected when the working mechanism is continuously rotatory (such as lathes, grinders, etc.). Special cylinders should be selected when there are special requirements.