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Some points for attention in using cylinders

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-10-30 Views : 72

1. Requirements for air quality
Use clean and dry compressed air. No synthetic oil, salt or corrosive gases containing organic solvents may be contained in the air to prevent the cylinder or valve from acting badly. Before installation. The connecting pipes should be thoroughly blown and washed. Do not bring dust, chips, fragments of sealing belt and other magazines into the China air cylinder actuator and valve.

2. The requirements for the use of the environment.
In dusty places with water droplets and oil droplets, the rod side should be equipped with a telescopic protective cover. When installation, do not appear twisting state. If you can not use telescopic protective cover, you should choose air cylinder actuator or waterproof cylinder with a strong dustproof ring.
Ambient temperature and medium temperature of cylinder , if the magnetic switch with more than -10~60℃, no magnetic switch with more than -10~70℃, to adopt anti-freezing or heat-resistant measures.
In a strong magnetic field, a cylinder with an automatic switch with strong magnetic field should be selected.
Standard cylinders shall not be used in fogs with corrosive fogging or expansion of sealing rings.

3. About cylinder lubrication
Oil lubricated cylinders should be equipped with suitable oil mist sprayer.
Do not lubricate the air cylinder actuator with oil, because the grease is added in the cylinder, it can be used for a long time. This kind of cylinder can also be used, but once the oil is supplied, no oil can be stopped. The grease may have been washed away, and no oil will cause bad cylinder action.

4. Cylinder load
The piston rod usually can only bear axial load. Lateral loads and eccentric loads should be avoided on the piston rod. When transverse load is applied, guide device should be added on the piston rod, or cylinder with guide rod should be selected.
When the cylinder is loaded, the installation platform of the cylinder should have measures to prevent loosening, deformation and your reply.

5. Installation of cylinder
When installing the fixed cylinder, the load should be aligned with the axis of the piston rod. When installing earring and trunnion cylinders, the swing of the China air cylinder actuator and the swing of the load should be ensured in a plane. Otherwise, the light seal often eccentric wear, resulting in air leakage, so that the life of the cylinder is reduced; heavy cylinder does not move. In fact, there will be impact action on the cylinder, which may cause damage to the body and equipment. At the installation site of the cylinder, prevent the end of the drilling from mixing into the intake port of the cylinder. If the foot seat type cylinder has a locating hole on the foot seat, it can be used for positioning and fixing.
When the distance between the mounting surface of trunnion bearing and bearing H is large, it should be noted that the mounting screws on the mounting surface should not be damaged by too much force.

6. Cylinder speed adjustment
When the speed control valve is used to adjust the cylinder speed, the throttle valve should be gradually opened from the fully closed state to the desired speed. The number of adjustment cycles should not exceed the specified revolving number. After adjusting, tighten the lock nut.

7. Cylinder for low speed motion
If the flow rate is small, speed control and oil mist lubrication are difficult, if the reasonable size of the components can not meet the requirements, the use of gas-liquid converter or gas-liquid damping cylinder.

8. Long stroke cylinder
When the air cylinder actuator exceeds the standard stroke, proper intermediate support should be provided. The cost of supporting the guide axis and cylinder circumference should be less than 1/500 to prevent rod end sagging, cylinder cylinder warping and damage to piston rod caused by vibration and external load.

9. Maintenance of cylinders
The sliding parts of cylinder barrel and piston rod shall not be damaged to prevent air leakage caused by poor cylinder action and damage of piston rod sealing ring.
Suitable maintenance and adjustment space should be set aside at the buffer valve and suitable installation and adjustment space should be set aside for magnetic switches.
If the China air cylinder actuator is not placed for a long time, it should be operated once a month and oiled to prevent rust. Usually, oil and no oil cylinders can not be used as gas-liquid cylinders to prevent oil leakage.