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Application status of pneumatic technology

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-10-25 Views : 111

The history of using air energy to do all kinds of work can be traced back to ancient times, but as a prototype of pneumatic technology, it began around 1776 when John Wilkinon invented an air compressor capable of producing about one atmospheric pressure. In the early 1880s, pneumatic brakes were first made from air cylinder actuator and successfully applied to train brakes. In the early 1930s, pneumatic technology was successfully applied to the opening and closing of automatic doors and the auxiliary action of various machines. In the 1960s, especially in the early 1970s, with the development of industrial mechanization and automation, pneumatic technicians were widely used in various fields of production automation, forming modern pneumatic technology.

The following is a brief introduction to some examples of application of pneumatic technology in the field of production technology.

1. Automobile manufacturing industry
At present, pneumatic technology is used in almost all the production lines of automobile factories, especially the welding lines of main processes. High frequency spot welding, force control accuracy and complete the entire process of highly automated, can be called one of the most representative start-up technology applications. In addition, the proportional control technology of high-speed air cylinder actuator and composite control valves used in conveying devices represents the central development of pneumatic technology today.

2. Electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industry.
In the configuration production line of color TV, refrigerator and other household electrical appliances, in the assembly line of semiconductor chips, printed circuits and other electronic products, not only can we see the air cylinder actuator and air claws of different sizes and shapes, but also can see the designated position. The SIN chip with smooth acceleration is adopted for the wafer handling system which is very strict in acceleration.

3. Realization of production automation
In various fields of industrial production, pneumatic technology and China air cylinder actuator have been widely used in order to ensure the uniformity of product quality, reduce monotonous or heavy manual labor, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Pneumatic technology is widely used in many occasions, such as automatic jet looms, automatic cleaning machines, metallurgical machinery, printing machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, shoemaking machinery, plastic production lines, artificial leather production, glass processing lines, etc.

4. Realization of packaging automation
China air cylinder actuator  is also widely used in chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, grain, food, medicine and many other industries, to achieve powder, granular, bulk materials of automatic measurement and packaging. Many processes such as automatic cigarette and automatic packaging are used in tobacco industry. Used for automatic metering filling of viscous liquids (such as paint, ink, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc.) and toxic gases (such as gas).

As illustrated above, China air cylinder actuator has been widely applied in all walks of life.