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Operation principle of cylinder and high probability fault maintenance method

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-10-20 Views : 55

In mechanical equipment, the role of the cylinder is very important, it is composed of cylinder, end cap, piston, piston rod and seal components, turbine, rotating piston engine shell is often called "cylinder". It has a wide range of applications, such as printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding machine, chip grinding), automation control, robotics and so on. Then it has many problems, the solution is what? According to a large number of customer feedback, we mainly summarize the following common failures of air cylinder actuator, as well as troubleshooting methods:

The basic components and working principle of the cylinder are:

Taking the single piston rod double acting cylinder commonly used in pneumatic system as an example, the typical structure of the cylinder is illustrated as follows. It is composed of cylinder, piston, piston rod, front cover, rear end cover and seal. The air cylinder actuator is divided into two chambers by the piston. A piston rod cavity is called a rod cavity, and no piston rod cavity is called a rod less cavity.

When the compressed air is input from the rodless cavity, the rod cavity is exhausted, and the pressure difference between the two cavities of the china air cylinder actuator acts on the piston to overcome the resistance load and push the piston rod out; when the rod cavity is intake and the rod cavity is exhausted, the piston rod retracts. If the rod cavity and the rod cavity are alternately intake and exhaust, the piston will move reciprocally.

Cylinder working principle: pressure air makes the piston move, by changing the direction of intake, change the direction of piston rod movement.

Common faults of cylinders and maintenance techniques:

1. Good air cylinder actuator:
Holes are tightly blocked by hand, and then the piston shaft is pulled by hand. When the piston is put, the piston will automatically rebound to its original position; when the push rod is pulled out, the air hole is blocked; when the push rod is pressed by hand, the piston will automatically rebound to its original position.

2. Bad cylinder:
When pulling, there is no resistance or little force, when the piston is put, there is no action or slow action, when pulling out, there is reverse force but when pulling continuously, it decreases slowly; when pressing, there is no pressure or pressure is very small, there is pressure but the pressure is smaller.

3. The general magnetic switch is not easy to break down, but we often encounter in the actual operation of the magnetic switch does not work, no signal output phenomenon, this is because the magnetic switch position installation has changed, resulting in its induction of the cylinder magnet, which requires us to constantly check whether it is tightened.

4. In the process of maintenance and installation of china air cylinder actuator, because of the inspection technology and maintenance technology, the expansion clearance of inner cylinder, cylinder diaphragm, diaphragm sleeve and seal sleeve is not suitable, or the expansion clearance of the lug and pressure plate is not suitable, and the huge expansion force will cause cylinder deformation after operation.

5. The tightness of the china air cylinder actuator is insufficient or the processing material is not qualified, so the tightness of the cylinder joint surface mainly depends on the tightness of the bolt to effectively achieve, the unit in the shutdown or increase or decrease the load will produce its thermal stress and high temperature will cause its bolt stress relaxation.