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Lubricator Oil

Standard: ISO VG32

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Technical Parameters for Lubricator Oil

Standard: ISO VG32

Ordering Code for Lubricator Oil

Technical Parameter for Lubricator Oil

Model SNS-01
Standard ISO VG32
of Lubricator Oil
1. extend the service life of the equipment: contain special anti rust and anti-corrosion additives, effectively prevent the condensation of water generated by the air pipe on the parts of corrosion, in the wet spare parts can protect the parts, not rust. Make the equipment more reliable: contain antistatic additives, can effectively prevent the very harmful, is static charge accumulation, improve the operation reliability.
2. reduce operating costs: contains very effective antioxidants, long service life, even at high temperatures will not degenerate into sediment.
3. performance overview: This product is high quality, low viscosity pneumatic system lubricating oil. It is composed of highly refined mineral oil and selected anti-wear agent, rust inhibitor, antioxidant, foaming agent and antistatic agent.
Use Widely used in spray lubrication and oil lubrication systems of pneumatic machinery.
Viscosity 32mm²/s(=CST)


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