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Pneumatic Auxiliary Material

Pneumatic Auxiliary Material mainly refer to auxiliary components such as pneumatic muffler, converter, amplifier, trachea, pipe connector and others.
  • Pneumatic PU Pipe

    PU Pipe is the English abbreviation of POLYURETHANE TUBING. PU Pipe is the preferred pneumatic pressure hose for the pneumatic industry. 

    Port Size: 1/8",1/4",3/8",3/8",1/2"
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  • Pneumatic Muffler

    Pneumatic Muffler is generally a muffling element that is installed when the gas used in the pneumatic system is returned to the exhaust port of the pneumatic control valve.

    Max. Operating Pressure:1.0MPa
    Silencer: 30DB
    Ambient temperature: 5~60℃
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  • Plastic Tube Cutter

    Plastic Tube Cutter is a cutting tool specially designed for cutting plastic tubes. It contains a main tong handle and a auxiliary tong handle. The cutting edge is mounted at the plier nose of the main tong handle. 

    Suitable Hose Material:Nylon, soft nylon and PU hose
    Maximum Hose Outer Diameter: 16mm
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