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Market advantage status of Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-01-12 Views : 1095

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder patent seal structure design, set up the perfect structure of cylinder and pneumatic system advantage, is a high efficiency, high quality, long life and low running cost, reliable guarantee. The rod cylinder uses an air driven hydraulic oil to complete the implementation as power, with the highest energy saving up to 90% compared to the components of the pneumatic or hydraulic punching equipment. Without affecting their work process, no noise, can greatly improve the quality of the workpiece and die life.

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder is divided into the magnetic Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder and the mechanical contact - type rodless cylinder. A rodless cylinder is a cylinder that connects and executes the machine directly or by means of a piston, and makes it follow the piston to reciprocate. The biggest advantage of this cylinder is to save installation space.

The cylinder is an important part of the engine, with a very wide range of applications, is the main component of compressed air, the cylinder type are many, but still in the rodless cylinder are the most obvious advantages, the main advantage of the rodless cylinder it is better to save space, because literally we should to understand this, do not need to leverage the cylinder is driven, the so-called best save installation space, but the cylinder also has some disadvantages, that is the protection of the seal, but no German pioneer bar cylinder ORIGA rodless cylinder is very good to solve this problem, no bar cylinder the promotion with the greatest benefit, and because the composition of this cylinder is relatively simple, so for a lot of people can disassemble repair.

The working principle of rodless cylinder and common cylinder is the same as that of external cylinder, but the external connection and sealing form are different. There are pistons in the rodless cylinder, but the rod less cylinder has no piston rod, the piston device is in the guide way, the external load is connected with the piston, and the action is compressed air.