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The application of pneumatic cylinder in the handling machinery

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-01-10 Views : 1325

The economic development of the Internet, online shopping has become a new consumption mode, "the rise of online shopping" greatly increased the volume of business of the express delivery industry, courier work becomes powerless, at the same time, the application of mechanical arm in the logistics industry will become more natural and widely.

Role of the cylinder in the mechanical arm is very important in Wuxi smart, professional production of various types of cylinder, also made a careful study of the application in the mechanical arm of the cylinder.

A manipulator is a device for handling goods. The front part of the device has a clamping device, which can hold objects and swing joints with rotating joints. The existence of cylinders is to complete the mechanical arm to provide power for moving objects lifting, falling and moving in space. The cylinder at the back of the device provides a lasting and stable force. It can lift the object and turn it on the rotating shaft and swinging arm joint, then it will be transported to the designated place to put it down. There are two cylinders at the rotating joint of the rotating shaft and the swing arm to control the rotation and the stop of the rotating mechanism. This device is very convenient to operate. It is not only labor saving, safety, but also environmental protection and energy saving, because the cylinder is the external loop, and the air is used. The cylinder is a powerful power source in the operation of the manipulator.

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