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Current situation of pneumatic cylinder manufacturers in China

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-01-05 Views : 1071

2017 is a very critical year for the development of automatic mechanical cylinder industry. First, from the external macro environment, new policies and regulations that will affect the development of the industry will be introduced one after another. Change the mode of economic growth, will have a profound impact on energy saving and emission reduction strict cylinder automation machinery industry development, but also influence from inflation, RMB appreciation, rising cost of human resources and so on; from the enterprise, industry chain link competition, technology upgrading, export market is gradually shrinking, product sales market the increasingly complex problems are business decision-makers have to face and solve.

The pneumatic system has simple structure, high reliability, long service life, fire and explosion, small environmental pollution, the project is easy to implement, with the rapid development of automation technology in 70s last century is also growing rapidly, the Compact Pneumatic Cylinder system has become essential in modern industrial automation, is the most important means of production control and automatic control.