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Cautions for Air Cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-01-03 Views : 1015

Use Cautions for Standard Cylinder:

1. When the load is changed in the work, the cylinder with abundant output force should be selected.

2. Under the conditions of high temperature or corrosion, the corresponding high temperature resistant or corrosion resistant cylinders should be selected.

3. In the case of large humidity, more dust or water droplets, oil dust and welding slag, the cylinder should adopt corresponding protection measures.

4. Before the cylinders are connected to the pipe, the dirt in the pipe must be removed to prevent the debris from entering the cylinder.

5. Cylinder use price and quality should be used after 40um filter cartridge filter.

6. The lateral load of the cylinder should not exceed the allowable value during the working process to maintain the normal operation and service life of the cylinder.

7. Anti freezing measures should be taken to prevent the freezing of water in the system under the low temperature environment.

8. If the cylinder is removed for a long time, we should pay attention to the surface rust prevention. The inlet and outlet should be dustproof and clogged. Because of the high accuracy of product manufacture and guidance, please do not remove the cylinder block or cylinder head.