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Analysis of several faults of piston rod cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2017-12-30 Views : 1029

This article gives you a brief introduction to the failure analysis of several Guide Rod Cylinder and how to deal with it. It is hoped that the use of piston rod cylinders can help you.

1. The damage of the piston rod and cylinder head of the cylinder

Generally, it is caused by the eccentric installation of the piston rod or the failure of the buffer mechanism. Therefore, the center position of the piston rod should be adjusted, the buffer seal ring or the adjusting screw should be replaced.

2. The buffer effect of the cylinder is bad

In this case, it is usually caused by the wear of the buffer seal or the adjustment of the screw damage. At this point, the seal ring and the adjusting screw should be replaced.

3. The output force of the cylinder is insufficient and the movement is not steady

Usually because the piston or piston rod is stuck, poor lubrication, gas supply is insufficient, or there is condensation water and impurities in the cylinder and other reasons. In this regard, the center of the piston rod should be adjusted. When the cylinder has condensed water and impurities, it should be removed in time.

4. Internal and external leakage of cylinder

This situation is caused by eccentric installation of piston rod, insufficient supply of lubricating oil, wear and damage of seal ring and seal ring, impurity in cylinder and scar on piston rod. Therefore, when the cylinder has internal or external leakage, the center of the piston rod should be readjusted to ensure the coaxiality of the piston rod and cylinder.