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Common failures of the rotary cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2017-12-28 Views : 968

The common failures of Rotary Cylinder are leakage, insufficient cylinder output force, piston rod problem and so on.

The leakage of the cylinder is mainly leakage and internal leakage, the leakage mainly includes the leakage between the piston rod and the front cover, which is caused by the following five points:

1. The piston rod is eccentric;

2. The supply of lubricating oil is insufficient;

3. There are sundries between the piston rod and the seal.

4. The sealing parts are aging and damaged.

5. The piston rod has a scar. It is relatively good that we can reinstall the adjustment to check whether the oil mist is out of order, cleaning, cleaning up the sundries, repairing or replacing the piston rod.

Another kind of rotary swing cylinder leakage is the leakage between the cylinder body and the end cover. The reason is four link rod nut connection thread loosening and seal damage. We solve this problem by re fastening and replacing seals. The last leakage is the leakage of the buffer throttle valve, which is due to the aging and damage of the seal, and the replacement of the seal can solve this problem.

The internal leakage and the insufficient output force of the cylinder are all caused by the gas leakage at both ends of the piston. The cause of the leakage of piston is caused by the bad lubrication of the swing cylinder, the impurity on the sealing surface, the damage of the seal and aging. The treatment method is to check whether the oil mist device is out of order, cleaning, cleaning up the sundries, and replacing the seal. Causes of insufficient output of the cylinder at both ends of the piston gas channeling is serious leakage of inside and outside, the link mechanism is not flexible torsional axial load, low pressure, large load in small bore. We can remove the internal and external leakage, re - adjust the installation, adjust the work pressure to solve.