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Selection of cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2017-12-23 Views : 947

1. The type of cylinder is selected correctly according to the requirements and conditions of the work.

Request cylinder arrives at a stroke without terminal impact phenomenon and the impact noise should choose a buffer cylinder; light weight, light should require the installation of cylinder; space narrow and short stroke, select thin cylinder; a transverse load, select Guide Rod Cylinder; a piston rod with the rod, select non rotating cylinders; high temperature environment need to use heat-resistant cylinder; in a corrosive environment, select corrosion resistant cylinder. In a bad environment such as dust, a dustproof cover is needed for the protruding end of the piston rod. No oil or oil - free lubricating cylinders should be selected for no pollution.

2. Installation form

According to the location of the installation, the use of the purpose and other factors. In general, a fixed cylinder is used. Rotary cylinder should be selected when the working mechanism needs to be rotates continuously (such as lathes, grinders, etc.). When the piston rod is required to move in line with a straight line, and when the arc is swung, the shaft pin cylinder is selected. Special cylinders should be selected when special requirements are required.

3. The size of the force, which bore. The thrust and tension of the cylinder output are determined according to the size of the load force. The cylinder forces are generally balanced according to the external load theory, and the different load rates are selected according to the different speeds, so the output force of the cylinder is slightly remainder. The bore is too small, the output power is not enough, but the diameter is too large, the heavy equipment, cost increase, and increase consumption, waste of energy. When the fixture is designed, the expansion mechanism should be used as far as possible to reduce the shape of the cylinder.

4. Piston stroke

With the use of the situation and the mechanism of travel related, but generally do not choose full stroke, to prevent the piston and cylinder head collide. As for the clamping mechanism, should be required to calculate travel increased 10 ~ 20 mm margin.

5. The velocity of the piston

It mainly depends on the input compressed air flow of the cylinder, the size of the inlet and outlet of the cylinder and the diameter of the inner diameter of the tube. A large value should be required for high speed motion. The cylinder speed is 50 to 800 mm /s. For high speed moving cylinders, large intake pipes should be selected. For the condition of changing load, in order to obtain slow and steady movement speed, throttling device or gas liquid damping cylinder can be selected, which is easy to realize speed control. The oscillating cylinder is fast and easy to be selected for automatic selection. The throttle valve control cylinder speed should pay attention to: cylinder installed horizontally pushes the load, as recommended by the exhaust throttle speed control; load lifting cylinder installed vertically, recommended intake throttle control requirements; at the end of stroke smooth movement to avoid impact, should choose the cylinder buffer device.