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Characteristic analysis of Mini Pneumatic Cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2017-10-07 Views : 1211

The Mini Pneumatic Cylinder works differently from the standard cylinder. Under the normal operation of the micro cylinder, uneven wear occurs between the working surface and the piston ring. The main characteristics and causes of wear are as follows.

From the longitudinal section of micro cylinder, the micro cylinder will form "big, small and small" after wearing. It will lose the shape of the original cylinder, which is called "cone"". Causes of "taper" wear, such as changes in lubrication conditions.

A mini cylinder wall by splash lubrication, so easily lead to micro supply problems and the upper part of the upper part of the cylinder, the high temperature, the viscosity of lubricating oil dilution is serious, easy loss, easy to form a film, even if there is oil film, may also be burned. In addition, the superposition of small oil mixture of micro droplets on the upper part of the cylinder oil film scour piston ring oil scraper and other factors, the adverse mini upper cylinder lubrication, piston ring and cylinder wall to form micro friction or boundary lubrication, leading to the wear of the upper part of the mini cylinder must be intensified.

From the longitudinal section of the mini cylinder, in the micro central cylinder wear the largest part, commonly known as "drum". The main cause of mini cylinder "drum" is wear, abrasive wear. Dust in the air, impurities in the lubricant, are sandwiched between the piston ring and the mini cylinder wall, causing harmful abrasive when the piston moves up and down. Because the piston in the middle velocity of miniature cylinder is the fastest, so the effect of micro abrasive grinding cylinder wall in the middle of the cylinder is the most serious micro, so that the micro cylinder form "drum" wear. As the piston moves in the micro cylinder, the lateral pressure acts on the left and right directions of the micro cylinder. Therefore, the largest part of "drum shaped" usually wear in the left and right direction of the middle mini cylinder.