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The difference between the slider cylinder and the rodless cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2017-09-28 Views : 916

In modern industrial production, the cylinder is the most common pneumatic product in the industry. There are many types of cylinders, such as rodless cylinders, circular cylinders, slipway cylinders, and so on. In the common cylinder, there is a certain difference between the Pneumatic Slide Cylinder and rodless cylinder. Below, we will simply analyze this problem for your readers' reference. The piston of the sliding cylinder is fixed on the piston rod, and the two ends of the piston rod contain plates which can be firmly fixed on the machine table, and the sliding table on the rod is moved on the piston rod. The rodless cylinder does not have a piston rod, which moves through the piston in the cylinder and moves the outer platform. Rodless cylinder can be divided into two kinds: magnetic coupling and mechanical type. The magnetic coupling type rodless cylinder is driven by magnetic force, is also the first generation of rodless cylinder and mechanical rodless cylinder is connected to the platform and the belt and pull, is currently the rodless cylinder common type, can be said to be the second generation of rodless cylinder, performance and accuracy than the magnetic coupling rodlesscylinder to excellent. Mechanical engineers in the design of pneumatic systems, is to understand the slider cylinder and rodless cylinder of different characteristics, can make it better play its advantages.