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The function and structure of thin cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-10-27 Views : 64

1. The function and characteristics of thin cylinder
Thin cylinder, it is one of the cylinders, and is a common type, in some industries and fields can be seen in its shape. This kind of cylinder, similar to ordinary air cylinder actuator, is to convert compressed air pressure into mechanical energy, and then drive the mechanism for linear reciprocating motion, swing and rotation.
The thin cylinder is characterized by beautiful appearance, compact structure, less space occupation, and can withstand large lateral load. And air cylinder actuator can be installed directly on various fixtures and special equipment without attachments. Therefore, the cylinder has many applications.

2. The structure of thin cylinder
Thin cylinder, it has cylinder, end cap, piston, piston rod and seal these five parts, and are important components, indispensable.
Cylinder: inner diameter of cylinder is related to the output force of cylinder. The roughness of the inner surface of the cylinder should reach Ra0.8um. In terms of material, in addition to the use of high-carbon steel pipes, you can also use high-strength aluminum alloy and brass two materials, if it is a small cylinder, you can also use stainless steel pipes.
End cover: generally there will be inlet and exhaust ports on the end cap, and some cushion on the cylinder head. On the end cover of the rod side, there are two parts, the sealing ring and the dust-proof ring, in order to prevent leakage problems or external dust into the rigid. In addition, a guide sleeve is arranged on the side cover of the rod to ensure the service life of the thin cylinder.
Piston: it is a pressurized part and has a piston sealing ring to prevent air leakage and gas channeling. In addition, there are wear-resistant rings on the piston to reduce the wear of the sealing ring, in the material, is the use of polyurethane, polytetrafluoroethylene, cloth synthetic resin and other materials. Piston material generally has two kinds of cast iron and aluminum alloy.
Piston Rod and Seal Ring: Piston Rod is also a pressurized part, usually made of high carbon steel and chrome-plated, or stainless steel. The sealing ring in the thin cylinder is divided into a dynamic seal and a static seal.

Common problems and causes of cylinders

1. The china air cylinder actuator is mainly cast in the process of making the cylinder of swing table. The cylinder needs aging treatment after leaving the factory. This will make the internal stress produced by the cylinder in the casting process completely eliminated. If the aging time is short, then the processed cylinder will be returned in the later operation. It will be deformed.
2. Cylinder in the process of operation, the amount of its force is more complex, equipment in addition to the cylinder inside and outside the gas pressure difference and installed in the weight of the various parts and static load, in addition to the use of steam out of the stator blade is a reaction to the static part.
3. The load of air cylinder actuator increases and decreases too fast, especially in the process of quick start-up and shutdown, the temperature changes greatly and the way of heating cylinder is incorrect in the process of changing the working conditions, and the insulation layer is opened too early when the machine is shut down for overhaul, which results in great thermal stress and deformation in cylinder and flange.
4. If the stress is produced in the process of machining and repairing the china air cylinder actuator, but the cylinder is not removed by tempering, the cylinder will have a relatively large residual stress to a certain extent, so that it will produce permanent deformation in the course of operation.
5. In the maintenance and installation of china air cylinder actuator, because of the inspection technology and maintenance technology, the expansion clearance of inner cylinder, cylinder diaphragm, diaphragm sleeve and seal sleeve is not suitable, or the expansion clearance of the lug pressure plate is not suitable, the huge expansion force will cause cylinder deformation after operation.
6. The tightness of the cylinder bolt is insufficient or the processing material is not qualified, so the tightness of the cylinder joint surface mainly depends on the tightness of the bolt to effectively achieve, the unit in the shutdown or increase or decrease the load will produce its thermal stress and high temperature will cause its bolt stress relaxation.