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How should SC standard cylinder be selected?

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-10-23 Views : 117

For the selection of SC standard cylinder, if the cylinder is required to reach the stroke terminal without impact noise and impact phenomenon, the choice of cushion cylinder is the best. For lighter quality requirements, it is best to choose light cylinders.

In fact, the size of the air cylinder actuator is also very important, that is to say, the choice of bore diameter. Our SC standard cylinder determines the pulling force and thrust of the cylinder when it is exported according to the magnitude of the load. Generally speaking, according to the balance condition of external load theory, the force of cylinder is needed, and different load rates are selected according to different speeds, so that the output force of cylinder will have margin. If the cylinder diameter is too small, the output force will be insufficient, the cylinder diameter is too large, the equipment will become in the pump, the cost will be increased accordingly, and the increase in gas consumption, waste of energy. When designing the clamp, the expanding mechanism should be adopted as far as possible in order to reduce the size of the cylinder.

What are the common problems and reasons for standard air cylinder actuator? What are the solutions?

In mechanical equipment, the role of cylinder is very important, it is composed of cylinder, end cap, piston, piston rod and seal components, turbine, rotating piston engine shell is often called "cylinder". It has a wide range of applications, such as printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding machine, chip grinding), automation control, robotics and so on. So it has a lot of problems, and today we will tell you about the common problems of Shenzhen standard cylinder, what are the reasons, and what is the solution?

We have summarized the following points:

1. The load of standard air cylinder actuator increases and decreases too fast, especially in the process of rapid start-up and shutdown, the temperature changes greatly and the way of heating cylinder is incorrect in the process of changing working conditions, and the insulation layer is opened too early when the machine is shut down for maintenance, which results in great thermal stress and deformation in the cylinder and flange.

2. If the stress is produced in the process of machining and repairing the standard cylinder, but the cylinder is not removed by tempering treatment, the cylinder will have a relatively large residual stress to a certain extent, so that it will produce permanent deformation in the course of operation.

3. The standard cylinder is mainly made by casting in the process of manufacture. The china air cylinder actuator needs aging treatment after leaving the factory. This will make the internal stress produced in the process of casting completely eliminated. If the aging time is relatively short, the processed cylinder will change in the future operation. Shape.

4. The force level of standard cylinder is very complicated in the course of operation. Besides the pressure difference between cylinder and outside, the weight and static load of each part installed in the cylinder, the equipment also bears the reaction force of steam flow out of the stator blade to the static part.

5. In the process of china air cylinder actuator maintenance and installation, because of the inspection technology and maintenance technology, the expansion clearance of inner cylinder, cylinder diaphragm, diaphragm sleeve and seal sleeve is not suitable, or the expansion clearance of the lug pressure plate is not suitable, the huge expansion force will cause cylinder deformation after operation.

6. The tightness of the china air cylinder actuator is insufficient or the processing material is not qualified, so the tightness of the cylinder joint surface mainly depends on the tightness of the bolt to effectively achieve, the unit in the shutdown or increase or decrease the load will produce its thermal stress and high temperature will cause its bolt stress relaxation.